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Inspection and Documentation

3D Reconstruction and Visualization via Web and Mobile App

We develop tools and use surveying techniques, such as terrestrial laser scanning and close-range photogrammetry to produce dense point clouds to survey and document old and deteriorated masonry infrastructure stock.


Segmentation and registration of masonry

We develop innovative algorithms able to trace masonry units and mortar joint discontinuity in existing masonry structures. Our novel algorithms are simple to use and can be easily coupled with advanced numerical models developed by FEM and DEM 

Rebuilding the Kasthamandap so far_color

Improve livelihood of historic urban infrastructure in Nepal

We work close with local architects in Nepal to understand the seismic behaviour of Pagoda Temples and inform decisions for their repair and maintenance. Gif developed by Anie Joshi. 


Automatic classification and segmentation of cracks in masonry

With the current developments in computer vision and deep learning we are able to automatically perform pixel-level crack detection and classification on masonry surfaces.

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