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  • UKRI HEIF, STEM driven solutions to climate change (2022). Value £30,000 PI.

  • CDRI Disaster Resilient Infrastructure. Real time scour detection and prediction for structural performance and safety (2022-2023). Value $15,000 PI.

  • MSCA-IF02020 (EF-ST). Smart resotration with particle infused repointing (SRepair for Anastasios Frougkas) (2021-2023). Value 213,000 PI.

  • EPSRC (EP/T001305/1). "Exploiting the resilience of masonry arch bridge infrastructure: A 3D multi-level modelling framework" (2019 - 2022). Value £1,823,900 Leeds PI.

  • Network Rail (2021). Monitoring of an ageing masonry viaduct.Value £10,000 PI.

  • RFCS European Commission (RG CIVE118207), "Coal to liquids supply chain integration in view of operational, economic and environmental risk assessments under complex geological settings". (2019 - 2022). Value €3,218,300 (Co-I).

  • British Academy, GCRF, Cities and Infrastructure Programme. "Reducing Disaster to Life and Livelihoods by Evaluating the Seismic Safety of Kathmandu's Historic Urban Infrastructure". (2017-2019) Value £300,000, Co-I

  • EPSRC DTA SAGE FACULTY Studentship AWARD, Internal Competition. £72,214, PI

  • EPSRC Global Challenge Research Fund - "Disaster Risk Reduction of Heritage Structures in Nepal". Value £19,700, 2016-2017. Co-I.

  • EPSRC CASE Studentship AWARD - Newcastle University, "Improve Efficiency in the Analysis of Masonry Structures" Value £72,214, 2016 - 2019. Co-I.

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